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Bogdan Khamperov

Bogdan  Khamperov

Delegate of the Moscow region

Bogdan Khamperov won first place at the VI Youth Delphic Games of Russia, in the category of "academic singing", and also became a prize winner of the international festival Shedrin "Musica Classica" competition. He now teaches academic singing to students of the Moscow region musical college in Pushkino.

Khamperov told to journalists about his decision to apply to be a part of the Olympic Torch Relay. "I won the Delphic Games, the roots of which, like the Olympics, lie in Ancient Greece. I was fascinated by this parallel. I am extremely lucky to be taking part in the Olympic movement. When I found out that I could become a torchbearer, I handed in my application without a second's hesitation." Bogdan never did any sports, but is ready to start training to run the set distance.

Khamperov believes that the Olympic Torch Relay is unique in that it unites people from different professions: "It is good that people of different professions, not only sporting ones, will be participating in the Olympic Torch Relay. This brings us all together and and creates a real sense of unity among the people."

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