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Minsalim Timergazeev

Minsalim Timergazeev

Minsalim was born in 1950 in the village of Krasny Yar, Yalutorovskiy district of the Tyumen region. Since 17 years old he worked in the art studio under Tobolsk art bone carving products factory (1967-1969) under the guidance of A.I. Metelev. Later he graduated from training courses at Abramtsevo School (1977) under the guidance of A.M. Ferapontova.

Since 1967 to 1981 Minsalim worked at Tobolsk art bone carving products factory. He taught at the City Children's Art School (1981-1986). Minsalim is the master of ivory carving. The main theme of his works is a northern theme, but it is profoundly rethought that makes the works of M. Timergazeev individual. This rethought has occurred as a result of serious mythology, ethnographic literature, relations with the traditional culture holders. A range of plastic and shaped inventions of the artist at the turn of the century has actively used by the next generation of Tobolsk bone carvers.

In 1991 he founded the art-industrial guild "Minsalim" at Tobolsk State Historical-Architectural Museum-Reserve. He lives and works with his sons in Tobolsk.

When there was a selection of the torchbearers of the torch relay, the carver was included in the list of candidates for participation. Minsalim told in an interview: "When I received the offer, I agreed without thinking. Only later, when I was called again, I appreciated its whole weight and responsibility. Carrying the Olympic Flame, participating in the noble sport movement is a great honor".
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