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Nikolai Bazhukov

Nikolai  Bazhukov

Delegate of the Republic of Komi

Nikolai Seraphimovich Bazhukov was born in 1959 into a large family in the village of Troitsko-Pechorsk. During his school years, the future athlete was interested in skiing. After school, Bazhukov went to work as a car mechanic. The young man was already seriously engaged in skiing at that time. His interest in training was so strong that Nikolai ran a distance of 10-15 km in the evenings in summer. In 1972, the skier took part in all-Union competitions for adult skiers in Perm, going the distance on wooden skis.

The first serious competition for Bazhukov was the junior European Championships in Kavgolovo, where the athlete came third to the finish line. Nikolai also won bronze at the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the Soviet Union in Sverdlovsk in the 15 km distance. The young athlete was noticed and he received a candidate mandate for the Olympic team and plastic skis.

Thanks to his will to win, Bazhukov became a member of the USSR team at the Olympic Games in Innsbruck. In the men's 15 km, Nikolai was the best and won gold, although the victory was not easy to him. The 4x10 km relay race brought the Russian team a bronze medal. Bazhukov believes that the problem was poorly lubricated skis. At the next Olympic Games in Lake Placid in 1980, the USSR team got gold thanks to the efforts of Bazhukov, E. Belyaev and N. Zimyatov.
Four years after the Olympic Games in Lake Placid, Nikolai Bazhukov started coaching the men's national team of the Republic of Komi and the national team of armed forces skiers. In 1991, the sportsman left coaching and began to engage in private business. Currently, Bazhukov is a member of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Komi. Nikolai Bazhukov was twice awarded the "Badge of Honor" order.

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