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Petr Naumov

Petr Naumov

Petr Naumov was born on February 9, 1949 in the village of Dirin, Churapchinsky district , the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and was the second child in a large family. Having the weak health from childhood, he was stubborn in nature. Petr graduated from high school , and then the teacher training college. As if in protest, despite the sore eyes, he chose the most laborious profession – began working as a teacher of drawing and painting. He is the father of six children, who brought them up alone after the death of his spouse. For many years, he overcame his ailments with the help of sports. At 50 years old, Naumov became a master of sports in jogging. On his account he has multi-day marathons of the nationwide level. The longest one was 75 days in duration.

Being a disabled person of the first group in sight, this man in 2007 made a run from Lake Baikal to Yakutsk, covered the distance of 3175 kilometers. He devoted his athletic achievement to the 375th anniversary of incorporating Yakutia in Russia.

In 2010, Petr Naumov started the new ultra-long run with a pushchair weighing 75 kg along the rout "Kaliningrad – Vladivostok». For eight months, he traveled more than 12,000 kilometers. The daily rate was 50 kilometers in average. Due to the difficult financial situation he had to stay long in Smolensk. He did not have any sponsors, but his relatives helped him and Naumov still was able to carry out his plan. The run was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory.

In 2011, Petr Naumov was honored with the prize "Yakutia citizen on the year".

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