• 776,000 (data from 2010)
  • 1730 year
  • 321 sq.km
  • 53° 21' N 83° 45' E

Capital of Altai Region

The Russian settlement on the site of Barnaul arose when mine owners Akinfiy Demidov founded a plant for the smelting of copper and silver on the bank of the Ob. In 1771, Barnaul received the status of "mining city".

By the early 20th century, Barnaul transformed from an industrial centre into a merchant town. In 1937, Barnaul became the administrative centre of Altai Region.

Barnaul is a sports town. Former Russian captain Aleksey Smertin was born here and took his first steps in football and it is the birthplace of former CSKA player Valery Minko. Athlete and Olympic medalist in Beijing Tatyana Kotova is a native of Barnaul, and one of the best skaters of the world in the 1990s, Sergey Klevchenya, comes from here. Barnaul is the birthplace of great hockey coach and former coach of the USSR Boris Kulagin.

Interesting Facts

In 1766, inventor Ivan Polzunov built the first steam engine here. Now, the main technical college of the city is named after Polzunov. The local museum, founded in 1823, was the first in Siberia.

Barnaul planetarium is one of the oldest in Russia. The city was built in the style of St. Petersburg. This determined the architecture of Barnaul. Unfortunately, many buildings in the town were destroyed by fire on 2 May 1917.

The Altai Region governor was a popular actor Mikhail Evdokimov. Actress Irina Miroshnichenko was born in Barnaul.

Commander of the Russian Navy Vladimir Shamanov is from this city. Residents of the city are usually afraid of the month of May. It is believed that all disasters happening during the last month of spring in Barnaul. According to legend, the founder of Barnaul  Demidov cursed the city.

There are over sixty mounds and sites of the ancient in the region of Barnaul.

News and events

The ceremonial lighting of the Olympic cauldron was held in Barnaul
Barnaul, 03.12.2013 17:55
The lighting of the Olympic flame in the city cauldron was held at the Sakharov square. The right to light it was given to the governor of the Altai region and participant of the Winter Olympics in 2002, skier Vitaly Denisov.
The torch relay visited a school named Alexey Smertin
Barnaul, 03.12.2013 09:39
The torch relay of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in 2014 during a stage in Barnaul passed through the territory of the Specialized Sports School of Olympic Reserve for Children and Youth named after the former captain of the Russian national football team Alexey Smertin.
Graffiti "On the Path of the Olympic Flame" presented in Barnaul
Barnaul, 13.06.2013 12:40
In Barnaul students of the art school of Novoaltaysk decorated the windows of the State Art Museum of the Altaysk region with graffiti entitled "On the Path of the Olympic Flame".
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