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  • day 57
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  • 56,000 (data from 2010)
  • 1830 year
  • 95.5 sq.km
  • 51°57′00″N 85°58′00″E

Capital of the Altai Republic

The capital of the south-west republic in Russia. For a long time, it was the center of Altai Junggar Khanate. The settlement on the site of Gorno-Altai was founded as a Teleuts village. Then the Russian settlers appeared. Today Gorno-Altaysk is center of a region with a unique nature reserve. An influx of tourists is expected with the resumption of the work of the airport in the city of Gorno-Altaysk. Agriculture is well developed in the region.

Skier Sergey Mikaelian, now representing Armenia, was born in Gorno-Altaysk, and a native of the city is Vladimir Barchukov, one of the best representatives of orienteering in Russia. Because the relief in the region, skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering is developed.

Interesting Facts

The first name of the village on the site of Gorno-Altai was the village of Ulala. In 1932, the place obtained the status of town with the name Oirot-tura. The modern name of the city was received in 1948.

The city is the site of Ulalinskaya Paleolithic man

Construction of the Altai Princess museum is taking place, the center of which is the mummy of a princess found in the ancient plateau of Ukok.

The future leader of Poland Wojciech Jaruzelski lived in Altai from 1940 to 1943.

Altai, the center of which is Gorno-Altaysk is considered the ancestral home of all Turkic peoples in modern historiography.

News and events

The Olympic Torch Relay was completed in Gorno-Altaisk
Gorno-Altaysk, 02.12.2013 17:42
The Olympic Torch Relay was completed in Gorno-Altaisk. The final torchbearer Menunchi Yaitakov lit the cauldron of the Olympic flame at the Central Square.
In Gorny Altai the relay was met with the local fire worship ceremony
Gorno-Altaysk, 02.12.2013 08:59
The Olympic flame arrives in the Republic of Altai on Monday, 67 days prior the start of the XXII Winter Olympic Games in 2014, it was met by the head of the Republic of Altai Alexander Berdnikov, and a welcoming ceremony was accompanied by a national fire worship ceremony.
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