• 116,000 (data from 2010)
  • 1932 year
  • 25 sq.km
  • 55° 50'N 37° 20'E

Regional center in Moscow Region

It was founded as a workers' settlement on the site of several Moscow area villages and towns. After the construction of the Moscow Ring Road, it became one of the closest suburbs of the capital and its satellite city to the northwest.

Krasnogorsk is a significant place on the world sports map. The local ball hockey team "Zorky" has been famous for a long time. In the Pavshkin floodplain, not far from the Moscow Ring Road, the largest year-round indoor skiing complex "Snezh. Kom." in Europe was built. In the city outskirts there are roads for mountain biking, famous among fans of the Nakhabino country club.

Krasnogorsk is the birthplace of Vladimir Petrov, the Soviet hockey star from the seventies.

Interesting Facts

At first Krasnogorsk was going to be called Optigorsk since there were plans to build a plant for the production of optical devices in the new city.

The concrete structures for the production of the first stations of the Moscow metro were produced in Krasnogorsk.

Krasnogorsk is the birthplace of pop singer Sergey Belikov. Because of Krasnogorsk's convenient location, a fair number of movie, sports and show business stars live in the city and its outskirts.

The State Archives of Film and Photo Documents is located in Krasnogorsk.

A main fixture of Krasnogorsk is a long-living oak, the age of which is estimated to be 250 years.

Krasnogorsk is not the only Russian place with that name. There are residential areas called Krasnogorsk on Sakhalin and in Udmurtia.

Citizens from foreign countries taking part in the Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay:

Pelletier Etienne Louis Richard

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Vladimir Petrov lit the Olympic cauldron in Krasnogorsk, Podmoskovye
Krasnogorsk, 10.10.2013 18:35
Krasnogorsk located near Moscow widely conducted the reception of the Olympic torch of the Games 2014.
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