• 47,000 (data from 2010)
  • 1722 year
  • 109 sq.km
  • 55°27′01″ N 78°18′27″ E

Town in Novosibirsk Region

The history of modern Kyuibyshev began as a chronicle of a fort erected for defense against nomadic tribes. Primarily Cossacks lived in the fort, which eventually became to be called Kainsk. They conducted their service on what would now be called a rotational system: a change of 50-100 people was sent from Tomsk for a time, and then a different one replaced it. In the middle of the 18th century, a road from Omsk to Tomsk - the Moscow-Siberian highway - went through the settlement.

Later, as part of the Tomsk province, Kainsk was famous for its dairy products. Before the revolution, Kainsk butter was sold in Hamburg and London in spite of the distance of the city from Europe. Kainsk was considered to be an affluent city.

Now the city of Kyuibyshev bears the status of a historical Russian settlement.

Interesting Facts

The former name of the city, Kainsk, came from the name of the Kainka River, which in turn got its name after the Kainsky Pass settlement. In the ancient local language "kain" means "birch". There is no relation to the Old Testament Cain.

From 1935 to 1989 there were two cities with the name Kyuibyshev in the country. Present-day Samara also bore the name of the revolutionist. However, the Siberian Kyuibyshev was not renamed back to Kainsk.

Until 1905 there was a scaffold in Kainsk to punish exiles who earlier had comprised a substantial percentage of the population in this area. The city of Kainsk is mentioned in Maxim Gorky's book "The Life of Matvei Kozhemyakin".

News and events

en.ria.ru: Russian Beauty Queen Melts Siberian Hearts on Sochi Torch Relay
Kuibyshev, 08.12.2013 18:37
Miss Russia 2013 melted Siberian hearts on Sunday as she carried the Olympic flame through a snowy settlement as part of the Sochi 2014 torch relay.
Miss Russia-2013 Elmira Abdrazakova ran with the Olympic flame
Kuibyshev, 08.12.2013 11:00
The torch relay of the XXII Winter Olympic Games took place on the streets of the city of Kuibyshev, Novosibirsk region, where one of the torchbearers was the winner of the title "Miss Russia 2013" Elmira Abdrazakova.
Miss Russia-2013 will take part in the Olympic torch relay in Kuibyshev
Kuibyshev, 05.12.2013 15:15
On March 2, 2013 a 18-year-old student from the town of Mezhdurechensk (Kemerovo region) Elmira Abdrazakova won the competition "Miss Russia 2013".
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