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  • 73,200 (data from 2010)
  • 1705 year
  • 48 sq.km
  • 59° 53' N 29° 54' E

Town in Leningrad Region

City museum, European "Capital of Fountains". It is one of the most beautiful suburbs of St. Petersburg. It was founded as an imperial residence, which became the prototype for Versailles. According to many people, the beauty and enormity of Peterhof surpassed the French model.

Peterhof's history began in 1714, when the Grand Imperial Palace, Monplaisir and Bolshoy Grot with cascades were built laid. In the mid 18th century, the reconstruction of the palace complex by architect Rastrelli took place. New buildings appeared in the Peterhof ensemble during the 19th century. Until 1917, Peterhof was the official summer residence of the Russian emperors.

After the abolition of the monarchy in Russia, the former imperial residence was converted into a museum. The first Peterhof excursions took place in May 1918. Since then, Peterhof has been a principle tourist center. Recently, the city museum is trying to justify yet another title: in 2005, it became a research city.

Interesting Facts

From 1944 to 1997 the city was named Petrodvorets, which was an incorrect translation of the German "Peterhof" (literally - "Peters yard"). In Peterhof architect Leonti Benuar was born, and pianist Anton Rubinsteinlived here.

According to tradition, after turning off the fountains in the autumn, entrance to the park is free. The springs which feed the Peterhof fountains are at a distance of 21 km from the complex. The first of the palaces of Peterhof, Monplaisir, was also the first Russian art gallery. Peter I who lived here hung works by Flemish masters on the walls.

Cult film "Three Fat Men" was filmed in Petrodvorets name by Yury Olesha. The castle was the Court Stables.

During the reign of Catherine II, the fountain cascade was a huge slide in winter, where the empress and court went sledging.

A lapidary factory was built for the needs of the local palace, which served not only Peterhof's orders. The lazurite columns of Isaac's Cathedral were machined in Peterhof.

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