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  • 60,000 (2010)
  • 1216 year
  • 56.17 sq.km
  • 56°15′56.1″ N 34°19′39.25″E

Regional centre of Tver Region

A place with this name is mentioned in the chronicles as early as the 11th century. In more recent times, it served as an outpost in the north-western borders of the Muscovite state, and later a large staging post for horse-drawn carriages. With the development of the railways, Rzhev became a major railway junction.

A native of Rzhev is legendary chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the USSR Sergey Pavlov, who headed the Soviet delegation at the Olympic Games from 1972 to 1980.

Interesting Facts

Rzhev is the first city on the river Volga In the 19th century, Rzhev was one of the first cities in Russia to issue its own postage stamps. For a long time, Rzhev was considered the pigeon capital of Russia. There was even a special breed of pigeons - the Rzhev pigeon.

Popular actor in the 1950s Yury Belov was born in Rzhev. He played, in particular, the male lead in the film "Carnival Night".

The character Lieutenant Rzhevskiy in "Hussar Ballad" was much joked about, but he never existed. In the war of 1812, two Rzhev residents attended, but neither of them was in the rank of lieutenant. Descendants Rzhev live in London and Belgrade.

A description of residents of Rzhev remains, which is from the end of the 18th century: "Rzhev residents are relatively tall, not bad people, conspicuous, hair mainly dark blond, not stupid, industrious and sober."

The grammatically correct name of a resident of the city of Rzhev is Rzhevityanin.

News and events

The change-ringing greeted the Olympic Torch Relay of the Games-2014 in Rzhev
Rzhev, 12.10.2013 11:51
Rzhev is the City of Military Glory with the eight-centuries history and on Saturday it welcomed the Olympic Torch Relay of the Games-2014 in Sochi.
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