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  • 267,000 (data from 2010)
  • 1632 year
  • 122 sq.km
  • 62° 10' N 129° 50' E

Capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

It is one of the oldest cities in Siberia Yakutsk was founded by Cossack Petr Beketov. In 1851, it became the capital of Yakutsk province, and starting from 1922, the administrative centre of the region. Today Yakutsk is a major research centre and the capital of a vast region which occupies one-fifth of the entire Russian Federation.

The capital of Yakutia is a large sports centre of the region. Every year it hosts the Children of Asia International Sports Games. In 2012, the large-scale annual Russia-Sports forum took place in Yakutsk. The fact that one of the twin towns of Yakutsk is greek Olympia shows the attitude of Yakut people to sport.

Interesting Facts

The immensity of Yakutia's territory can be well illustrated by the following fact: the Republic of Sakha occupies an area larger than France, Austria, Germany, Sweden, the UK, Finland and Greece  all together.

Yakutsk is the biggest city built on continuous permafrost. There is the only Permafrost Museum in Russia's. The annual temperature range in Yakutsk is one of the widest in the world. Temperatures here can range from -50C to +40 C. The coldest inhabited place on earth Oymyakon is located in Yakutia.

The indigenous people call themselves "Yakuts", with the stress on the last syllable. Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling in 1972 and silver medalist in 1976 competing for the Soviet Union Roman Dmitriev was born near Yakutsk.

The remains of mammoths are often found in the Republic of Sakha. Periodically, auctions are held, where the tusks of these prehistoric animals are sold. In this regard, the locals joke that Yakutia is a homeland of elephants.

In Yakutia, there is a special breed of dog: the Yakutian laika. They have long hair and blue eyes and are noted for their endurance.

News and events

Biathlete Eliseeva completed the torch relay in Yakutsk
Yakutsk, 09.11.2013 15:05
The next stage of the torch relay of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in 2014 ended in Yakutsk after the finish of the last torchbearer, the champion of Russia in biathlon Nadezhda Eliseeva, reports RIA "Novosti".
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