The Olympic Torch Relay was completed in Gorno-Altaisk

  • 02.12.2013 17:42
  • Events of Relay

The Olympic Torch Relay was completed in Gorno-Altaisk. The final torchbearer Menunchi Yaitakov lit the cauldron of the Olympic flame at the Central Square.

The first torchbearer of the stage in Gorno-Altaisk became a renowned athlete, Master of Sports, multiple world champion in weight lifting and holder of the International Order of the Winged Lion Ivan Nemtsev.

“The procession began in a festive atmosphere with a large number of citizens cheering the column of the Olympic flame. The colouration and special festive mood was given to the solemn event by the greeters in beautiful traditional costumes, and the moment of lighting the Olympic torch made a lasting impression on the audience",- said the official web-portal of the city. Wearing the torchbearer’s uniform, on a horse with a torch in his hand, accompanied by two horsemen in national costumes, he passed his stage of the relay, passing the Olympic flame to Igor Levitin, the Russian presidential councellor.

Levitin went through the "live" corridor of people in national costumes, went to the mound "oboo", walked around it with a burning torch three times and made a wish throwing a stone. Later to the question: "What was your wish?", he replied that his main wich now is the victory of our Olympic team at the Olympic Winter Games "Sochi-2014".

The fire passed rafting on the Katun river, where at first it was taken by the men's team of rafters of Gorno-Altaisk State University that then transferred it to the women's team "Altai- raft". Then the relay went to the mountain-skiing complex "Manzherok", climbed to the Sinyukha mountain, where at the height of 1012 meters, on the background of the Katun river valley, surrounded by the peaks the fire worship will be held. Then it went through the main streets of the villages of Manzherok and Mayma.

On Tuesday, the Olympic flame will travel to Barnaul, the capital of the Altai region.