Our torchbearers

Ksenia Bezuglova

Ksenia  Bezuglova

Ksenia has the spine impairment. She became confined to a wheelchair a few years ago after a car accident. Ksenia was born in Vladivostok, but now she lives in Moscow, brings up a little daughter Taisiya, works in a large publishing company and is actively involved in social activities, helping other people.
Ksenia Bezuglova by her activity shows a good example of how people with impairments can have an active lifestyle, look great and bring positive results to the society.
Ksenia Bezuglova is the winner of the title "World beauty queen", receiving it in December last year in Italy at the international beauty contest "Vertical" - "Miss World among people in the wheelchairs". The girls in the wheelchairs take part in it, but they go to the stage accompanied by conventional models.

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