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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the differences between the Paralympic Torch "Sochi-2014" and the Olympic one?

The shape of the Paralympic Torch is similar to the shape of the Olympic torch and is due to the unity of the spirit of competition. In both cases it is a symbol of commitment to the pinnacle of spiritual and physical perfection. The difference is in the color of the handle elements and the central space. Sky blue color symbolizes purity of mind and strength of spirit of the Paralympians.

How the Paralympic flame will be lit?
The Paralympic flame will be lit simultaneously every day in several cities in one federal region of the Russian Federation. The method of lighting the fire will be continually changed – from the hammer and the anvil, from the molten metal, by means of chemical reactants, from a blast furnace, from a laser beam, and even from a rocket nozzle.
How many torchbearers will participate in the Paralympic Torch Relay?

The relay will involve more than 1,500 torchbearers. At least 20 percent of the torchbearers are people with impairments.

Who is the organizer of the Relay?

The organizer of the torch relay is the Organizing Committee "Sochi 2014" with the support of the representing partners of the relay - Coca-Cola company, Russian Railways OJSC and Ingosstrakh OJSIC, Volkswagen Group Rus.

How many cities will host the Paralympic Torch Relay?

The Paralympic Torch Relay will include 45 cities of the eight federal districts of the Russian Federation. Also, the fire will be lit in Stoke Mandeville, at the birthplace of the Paralympic Games.

How will the Paralympic Flame torchbearers be selected?

The criteria for selection of Paralympic torchbearers is not significantly different from those for the Olympic flame. The same limitation is in place: they must be older than 14 years.

However, approximately half of the Paralympic flame torchbearers will be people with disabilities.

Who will select the Paralympic torchbearers will be discussed in due course.

Сan you tell us anything about the Paralympic Torch Relay? When will it start and what is its length?

The Paralympic Torch Relay will also pass through all 8 of Russia's Federal DistrictsBetween February 26 and March 7over a thousand torchbearers will carry the Paralympic torch through fifty Russian regions. Then in Sochi, there will be a unique ceremony of "unity" of flames from the regions. The relay will conclude at the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games at the "Fisht" Olympic Stadium.