I am most pleased that the Paralympic Torch Relay "Sochi-2014" will not just go through all the regions of Russia. It will also include the international stage - part of the route is laid in Stoke Mandeville, at the birthplace of the Paralympic Movement. It also helps to increase awareness of the upcoming Paralympics.
 head of the International Paralympic Committee

Philip Craven
head of the International Paralympic Committee

"I am honored to be included in the group of people who will lit the fire of the Paralympic Games. Ben Nevis is the unique and beautiful place and the perfect place for such an important event".

Kevin Shields
a Paralympic climber, torchbearer of the Paralympic Torch Relay "London 2012"
"I can't even put into words what it felt like, when I was holding the torch! Everyone around me was cheering me on, and that kept me going. It was just indescribable! I didn't even notice the cold, the rain, and the icy wind. I carried that torch through the rain, and I felt wonderful"
Anthony Kipps
14-year-old torchbearer for the Paralympic Relay (Trinidad & Tobago)
"It was a real once-in-a-lifetime event. I was amazed how many people had come out to cheer me on. I think it was just the latest example of the tremendous support that people with disabilities are getting."
Arthur Bate
participant in the Paralympic Torch Relay at London 2012
"The Paralympic Torch Relay was magnificent! It was all just amazing! The different legs of the relay were not very long so I decided to really take my time over my section. I wanted to draw out the pleasure I was getting from it as long as possible. I hope the Sochi 2014 Relay is going to be able to solve our common problem: creating a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities"
Mikhail Terentiev
general secretary of the Russian Paralympic Committee
"When the cauldron in the stadium was lit with the Paralympic flame, I smiled to myself. I was smiling because I was a part of these Games, however small. I had played a role in bringing the torch to the stadium - I covered the section in Watford. It was a day I will never forget"
Mark Cooper
participant in the Paralympic Torch Relay at London 2012
"It is a great honor for me to carry the Paralympic Torch, the flame of which represents the achievements of the entire Paralympic Movement throughout the world. Here in London, it's the Paralympic athletes who are in the spotlight right now: they are setting new standards in terms of strength, striving for success and the Olympic spirit!"
Natalia Vodyanova
model, participant in the London 2012 Paralympic Torch Relay