The Paralympic Torch Relays are held before every Paralympic Games. They are shorter than the traditional relays before the Olympics, but the hype around it is not less.

The Paralympic Torch Relay "Sochi 2014" will start on February 26 and will end on March 7 at the Central Stadium, becoming the highlight of the opening ceremony of the XI Paralympic Winter Games. The Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi will be held from 7 to 16 of March, 2014.
The Paralympic Torch Relay "Sochi 2014" will be held in all eight federal districts of the Russian Federation, and will affect 45 cities of Russia. It will be attended by more than 1,500 torchbearers. Also the relay will involve at least 4,000 volunteers.

Unlike the traditional Olympic Games the Paralympic Torch Relay will start not in Olympia. The organizers themselves determine where and how the torch will be lit.

In Canada before the Winter Paralympics in 2010 the fire was lit by the Indian chiefs. The fire of the Paralympic Games in London in 2012 was lit in the capitals of the four parts of the UK: London (England), Belfast (Northern Ireland), Edinburgh (Scotland) and Cardiff (Wales).
In each city not less than 10 torchbearers will carry the Paralympic Torch. In some parts of the route groups of torchbearers will take part. About 20% of torchbeares with an impairment will become torchbearers.