"Running with the torch is a very crucial moment. I would gladly ran in some ridiculous costume, but I didn't allow myself such liberties. Cause it's not my personal statement, but a common cause. Those people who carry the torch, do not represent themselves, but the country. Generally, such events happen once in a lifetime. And when I was asked to participate in the relay, I agreed immediately"
Mikhail Galustjan
showman, actor
"I felt proud when I lit the Olympic flame. I was proud that the Olympics is held in our county, that we prepared everything so wonderfully. Once the fire was lit Vladislav Tretiak and me turned to each other and said,"We did it!"
Irina Rodnina
"It's pretty exciting thing, even more than I expected. At some point you realize that it's generally a unique thing that you will have just once in a lifetime, this will never happen again, there is some involvement in such an event like the Olympics - in general, it is very exciting"
Vladimir Pozner
TV presenter
"An incredible feeling! This is comparable only with the feelings when you stand on the podium and hear the national anthem"
Vladimir Nemshilov
Olympic bronze medalist in 1968 in Mexico City, honored master of sports in swimming
"I thought out every step of my way. Unfortunately, I had to run not 300 meters, as usual, but just 100 meters along the promenade. Nevertheless, I am delighted, the feelings are incredible"
Andrey Grigoryev-Apollonov
lead singer of the group "Ivanushki International"
"Carrying the fire means getting a powerful charge of emotions. And taking the relay from the Secretary-General of the United Nations is a very special feeling"
Thomas Bach
IOC President
"The pride is incredible. I have never had such feelings in my life. Before I thought about the Olympics as a regular viewer. And here I carried the torch, the particle of a huge sports empire, and even on the water. The emotions are overwhelming me, it's even hard to describe. It's a miracle that I became a small drop of this story titled the Olympics"
Alexander Revva
comedian, showman

"I participated in the Olympics, but carrying the torch for the first time in life is an unforgettable experience. Honestly, I was very worried. Thanks to everyone that the Olympic torch relay passed through Voronezh".
Dmitry Sautin, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in diving

Dmitry Sautin
a two-time Olympic gold medalist in diving

"Waiting for the Olympic flame is a celebration of athletes and sports. For the second time I participate in the torch relay, and today I run in my home land, in holy Belogoriye. I dedicate this race to our Olympians and wish them only the victory".

Fedor Emelianenko
MMA fighter in the heavyweight division

"I just started to run faster, but it was already time to finish. I have great feelings, now it is necessary to take a picture of the torch and share it in Twitter. Generally, all this reminds me of the Olympics-80, although I have not yet been born".

Garik Kharlamov

"These feelings are comparable with the participation in the Olympics and the World Championships. Organization of the relay was at the highest level. I wanted to run with the Olympic torch as long as possible. <...> I'm glad that I became the small part of the Olympic Torch Relay".

Tatiana Veshkurova
Track and field athlete, silver medalist of the Olympics in Beijing in 2008
"For me it’s a great honor to carry the Olympic flame. For me, this year was very good and it has finished so well. I'm happy".
Dina Garipova
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