The relay of the Olympic Flame is a large sports related celebration, which always precedes the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Thousands of torchbearers over the course of several months carry the Olympic Flame across the territory of the host country of the future Games, symbolizing the approaching Olympics.
These relays have their own unshakable traditions. After the ceremonial lighting in Olympia, the flame crosses the territory of Greece. Then the symbol of the future Olympics travels to the host country, where the main part of the relay is held. The 2004 and 2008 Olympic Torch Relays saw the flame travel around the globe.
The relay of the Flame for the XXII Olympic Winter Games of 2014 is a grand event, which will touch practically all of Russia. The Flame of the Sochi Olympics will be seen by the residents of 83 regions of the Russian Federation and the coverage of the relay will be 90% of the country's population.
The Sochi 2014 Flame will be lit on the ancient ground of Olympia. It will arrive in Moscow on October 7th 2013. From this day, its triumphant march will begin across the territory of Russia.
This relay will take 123 days, and the length of its distance will be more than 56 thousand kilometers. The Olympic torch will be carried by a record number of torchbearers. 14 thousand people will gain the opportunity to run with the lit torch across the cities of our great country. More than 30 thousand volunteers will be active at the relay.
The transfer of the Olympic Flame will not only be followed in Russia. Thanks to the relay, spectators across the world will be able to have an impression of the history and culture of Russia, to evaluate the immensity of its area and the diversity of the people living in Russia and to actually see those achievements which the country and its citizens have achieved.