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  • 355,700 (data from 2010)
  • 1584 year
  • 294.42 sq.km
  • 64° 32' N 40° 32' E

Capital of Arkhangelsk Region

Arkhangelsk city was founded on the orders of Ivan the Terrible to facilitate trade of Muscovy with European countries.

The original name of the city was Novye Kholmogory. It was only called Arkhangelsk (Archangel) 30 years after its foundation. Previously here was the monastery of Archangel Michael (hence the name of the city), and a few villages in the Pomeranian.

Prior to the construction of St. Petersburg, it was the centre of the foreign trade with the state, and its only seaport. In 1708, Arkhangelsk became the capital of one of the eight provinces of Peter I, and after the revolution of 1917 became a regional centre.

Now Arkhangelsk is a cultural-historical capital of the coastal area and industrial centre, the basic profile of which is timber products.

Natives of Arkhangelsk include Stanley Cup winner and hockey player Dmitry Afanasenkov, weightlifter and winner of Athens 2004 Gleb Pisarevsky, swimmer and Olympic medalist Evgeny Lagunov, swimmer Irina Bespalov, and shooter Leonid Ekimov.

Interesting Facts

In 1718, Peter I banned the export of grain and imports and goods through Archangel. Therefore, he the whole trade went through St. Petersburg.

Arkhangelsk sea-river station is depicted on the 500 rubles Russian banknote. As in other northern cities, Arkhangelsk observes the white nights. In the period from 17 May to 26 July, the sun does set, but does not drop below 6 degrees. In this light, you can read a newspaper. But!

It is accepted that Archangel is is home to Mikhail Lomonosov, although he was born 90 km south-east of the city. Nevertheless, the city has a monument to Lomonosov, and Arkhangelsk has Lomonosov Avenue.

Arkhangelsk was and still is an important centre for the development of the Russian North. From Arkhangelsk in 1932, icebreaker A.Sibiryakov travelled the Northern Sea Route in a single navigation.